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Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to hit the stores for some serious holiday shopping! Having trouble finding the right gift for the Legend of Zelda lover in your life? Look no further, because we have taken the time to browse Amazon for the hottest Zelda gifts rupees can buy. Best part of all? All of these gifts are available online, which means you can indulge in some fireside shopping without a trip to the market!

  1. Everyone knows that when it comes to plushies, there is only one incarnation of Link that can deliver. Toon Link is looking as adorable as ever, and he runs for $9.93.


Of course, when there is Toon Link involved you can’t forget Zelda, available for $12.37


  1. Next we have a highly anticipated item, The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts. While this item isn’t technically available till February 2017, the likely popularity of the item might make it hard to find for a while after its release,so be sure to get your pre-order ASAP.


Considering you will be unable to deliver this gift during the holidays, you may want to prepare a Legend of Zelda ‘IOU’ card to offer as a temporary consolation. At least until the book’s official release.

  1. The Master Sword is one of Link’s most iconic weapons, and a must-have item for any young  aspiring hero. This one is a nice plastic replica for all your li’l heroes. You can own The Blade of Evil’s Bane for $23.43.


  1. Of course, no hero can wander off hoping to stay their enemies with only a sword to their name!  A matching shield is sure to stun your foes for $12.51!



  1. Board games are cool,Zelda is cool,so why not have both is this Legend of Zelda Monopoly Set? At $27.99, this is cheaper than I’ve seen it at local trading stores.


  1. This next gift is for the Amiibo collector in all of us. On December 2nd these figures are releasing in honor of the Legend of Zelda 30th anniversary.

8Bit Link $12.99


Ocarina of Time Link $12.99


Toon Link/Toon Zelda (Wind Waker 2-Pack!) $24.99


  1. Remember that artwork that was leaked right before E3, that had Link scaling a mountainside before we all knew he could do that? Remember thinking, “that would be cool on a poster”? Well your wish is granted! This puppy runs for $6.98(+$3.99 for shipping)


  1. Everyone could always use a little more Zelda themed fashion, right? Well, what better way to accent it than with a customizable necklace set for $18.88?


  1. Now this next item is, I think, a little under-appreciated. But if you want to own all the “Excuse me princess!” action, it’s yours to own for $5.99. If you dont know what to get for the absolute die-hard Zelda fan (who even has a soft spot for the CD-i games). The Legend of Zelda TV series Box set is for you.


  1. Imagine if you could go to sleep surrounded by all things Zelda, sounds great right? With these you literally can! These are all the items you need to make your bed as Legendary as possible.

Blanket $21.99- 


Pillow cases $9.98- 


Now those two are intended to be put together, but of course feel free to pick and choose as you see fit.

And there you have it! 10 Legend of Zelda gifts that won’t break your bank, depending on how many Amiibo you end up buying!

What Legend of Zelda-themed gifts have you already been given/given to someone? Let us know in the comments!


Trintin Chick

Trintin Chick

Trintin Chick is a content creator at the Hyrule Herald. He is a college freshman at Richland College, where he is working towards a Computer Science degree. His favorite Legend of Zelda game is Wind Waker. While the Metroid Prime trilogy also holds a special place in his heart. While he is Nintendo at the core, he has massive love for Naughty Dog, Star Wars, and all things Game Grump!

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