Another New World Record for Super Mario Bros. Speed Run

by Matt O’Neill


Once again, we have a new world record for Super Mario Bros speed run, and once again it’s been done by Darbian!


While many gamers may have fond memories booting up Super Mario Bros. in their

Nintendo Entertainment System and completing the game for their first time, there are some

who still have yet to witness the final showdown with Bowser. On the other hand, there are

those who have trained themselves through a series of repetition to remember every

necessary frame and secret within the game to complete the game as quickly as possible.


YouTube gamer Darbian is one such person, and he has set a new world record for an any

percentage speed run for Super Mario Bros., clocking in at 4:47.260, just managing to beat

his own previous world record of 4:47.267. An any percentage speed run is a speed run that

does not require the player to beat the game one hundred percent, therefore he did not need to

complete every level.

During Darbian’s livestream; he has his heart rate displayed so viewers can witness the

tension he faced during his speed run. Darbian’s heart rate peaked at 172 once he had

finished his speed run, compared to his starting rate of 80.


After many months of dedicating himself to Super Mario Bros., Darbian has declared that he

cannot best his current record, thus Darbian has stated that he has retired from speed running

Super Mario Bros. It will be interesting to see what Darbian has in store for us in the future.

Will he try his hands at a new Mario game, or will he try to speed run a different game

altogether? While it may have taken months for Darbian to set this record, his flawless run

may warrant many years before anyone is able to break it.

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