BREAKDOWN!: Nintendo Direct September 13th

Now that things have settled down for the nation of Japan on the natural disaster front (for now…), the new Nintendo Direct was released on September 13th with some major news. For those that don’t have 40 minutes to spare to watch the whole video and just want notes to skim, here’s Hyrule Herald BREAKDOWN of the latest Direct:


The video kicks off with a teaser for development of a Luigi’s Mansion 3. The concept of these games are delightful and a fun twist given to everyone’s favorite Player 2, so having a third on the way and for the switch is exciting. I only hope they change up the plot just a bit from the last two (fingers crossed for a Daisy appearance).

Nintendo 3DS:  

The visually stunning Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn will be coming to the 3DS! Originally developed for the Wii, the 3DS version will include everything from the original game with a few new features and moves to update it for playability on the 3DS. This catches my attention not just for the detail taken to make the title transferable to the 3DS, but in the hopes that other great Wii titles can make their way to handheld systems (CONSOLE ZELDA GAMES PLEASE)

The RPG Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is getting a rerelease for the 3DS, this time with an expanded story Bowser Jr’s Journey. It includes all the original elements of the game, but adds a new side to the story in the quest to cure the spreading pandemic of the Blorbs: Bowser Jr’s. Will he help the cause or create more problems? Either way, like father like son…  

Luigi’s Mansion is also coming to the 3DS, but the newly added feature rings true to Luigi’s legacy: a Player 2! You can play together with a friend if they own the game as well as a green shadowed version of Luigi. Even if only one person owns the game, you can still play boss battles together via infrared. There are also four compatible Amiibo’s you can use for different effects. It does have a release date for October 12th. Would make a great Halloween gift!

Thought it’s a franchise I know little about, I at least know that Yo-Kai has a big following. So for Yo-Kai fans, hearing that Yo-Kai Watch Blasters has a big update must be ticking your fancy! The update will feature the Moon Rabbit Crew for the title screen, new bonuses, more Yo-Kai and bosses, new missions, new areas, and more, well, everything! Better be prepared, cause the update comes September 27th.

Nintendo Switch:

Splatoon 2 is getting a Version 4 Update, and hopefully part of that update will make it compatible with the Nintendo Cloud in development. The video clip doesn’t tell us much, but new battle modes, styles, weapons, and splatfests are headed to the game. Splatfests will be divided into Normal and Pro play categories to help even out the playing field. The downside? Version 4 is going to cost $ on release to those Splatooners interested in getting their ink on.

Just like me, Mega Man turns 30 this year. And to celebrate, Mega Man 11 is coming to Switch on October 2nd. The game play and mechanics are just about the same as the other MM’s with a few tweaks to game play and weapons. But this time the sharp, updated graphics and playing with the Switch’s controls are what’s really new. And of course, the Mega Man Amiibo is compatible for help.

Mario Tennis Aces is getting a refined update September 19th. A co-op challenge is being added to liven up game play and multiplayer when playing online. Prizes include new outfits and color schemes. Birdo, Shy Guys, Koopa Paratroppa, and Petey Piranha will also make their way onto the court for online play. If you’re disappointed by not seeing a favorite character in this update, you’ll just have to wait until the next big update in June.

 Switch will be introducing some Capcom Classics fighting games to the catalog in the Beat’em Up Bundle coming out September 18th. Final Fight, The King Of Dragons, Captain Commando, Knights of the Round, Armored Warriors, Battle Circuit, and Warriors of Fate.  Depending on how many controllers you have, up to four players can play on each of the seven titles. You can also play them online! If anything, this shows the strength of Capcom and Nintendo’s partnership as well as their remastering abilities. But it also shows Nintendo’s relentless want to grip the nostalgia gaming market. This might be a good sign…

New Super Mario Bros is also getting an extension as New Super Mario Bros Deluxe. Toadette and Nabbit will join the crew and add their special abilities to the game play.  Nabbit cannot take damage from enemies, and Toadette can, with a power up crown, magically turn into “Peachette” who like Peach can double jump and free fall (because by all cartoon logic, hoop skirts give you the ability to float in the air). Luigi also gets a starring role in some exclusive levels (GO PLAYER 2!). Up to four people can play and online play is available. This one however, won’t be ready for Christmas. It comes out January 11th, 2019.

Once exclusive to the Playstation consoles, Katamari Damacy Reroll is not only coming to Switch, but is remastered! If you have never heard of these games, you need to watch someone play on YouTube because they are amazing and fun!  Ever wanted to roll the world up in a ball while listening to catchy tunes? NOW YOU CAN ON THE SWITCH! And the Switch controllers are perfect for the job. It also makes two player mode a cinch. No set date for release, but Winter 2018 is not far away.

Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee head to the Switch as the second Pokemon title for the system following Pokemon Tekken DX. This one has you explore the classic Kanto region, but with a few new changes. For one, you rely on either Pikachu or Eevee as your main user of HM moves (or special technique as they call them). The game also combines the small interpersonal game play the newer Pokemon games introduced such as petting, feeding, and grooming your companion. What the direct doesn’t tell you is that you can transfer Pokemon from your Niantic Pokemon GO account into the game to help build the game’s Pokedex! It comes out November 16th. There are also Switch bundle with special edition Pikachu and Eevee art and a Pokeball controller accessory included. Though I would love to play a traditional Pokemon game on a console, I like the looks of this title and hope for the future.

Of all the games I never through Nintendo would support, Diablo 3 Eternal Collection is coming to Switch on November 2nd. All Amiibo’s work to summon enemies with exclusive loot and Nintendo also offers Ganondorf styled transmog armor. Update graphics and offering online and offline play with up to three people, this move might lure gamers that prefer heavier subject matter and titles to the family friendly Switch.  

Well, the number system had to end sometime. SUPER Mario Party is coming, and be prepared for a more physical kind of party with the sensor controls taking the wheel on many of the new mini games. What’s new is that you can connect two Switch systems to get access to Toad’s Rec Room. All 80 mini games are new and so are the single player challenge modes. The game is battle ready on October 5th.

Game Freak is heading back to its developing roots and is creating a new RPG for the Switch called Town(working title). This game is certainly not to be confused for a Pokemon title.  Though the game features its fair share of monsters, you fight them rather than catch them to protect your village from destruction and protect its mysterious secret. Visual and mechanics wise it looks like Final Fantasy meets Animal Crossing. We’ll have to wait to see where they take us as the game won’t come out until sometime in 2019.

Cities Skylines, the acclaimed city building and planning game, just came to Switch in its own edition that includes toe downloadable content After Dark and Snowfall. You’re in charge of developing your own city in every aspect and detail, right down to the very last pigeon. Have fun playing god!

Damon X Machina looks like Metroid and Metal Gear solid had a mechanized dystopian baby for a brand new kind of game by Nintendo, something that hasn’t happen in a LONG time. You and your suit hunt weaponized rogue AI while facing enemies in combat modes and recycle their parts to repair and build yourself up. You can also store weapon you find and build for future use back at your base. You can also explore battlefield on foot without your mech suit (though it looks scary). You can also play co-op and online. No solid release date, however, but should be ready in 2019.

Yoshi get’s a new game too in Yoshi’s Crafted World. Similar to Kirby’s Yarn and Wolly World, the platformer game features fine textured visuals and a creative theme in colorful homemade arts. Paper, paint, and cardboard form a 3D world for your Yoshi to explore. And similar to actual art, you can flip the perspective of certain areas in the game to explore and find hidden goodies.  The time taken to create such a detailed and well thought out game is impressive to the highest degree. Be ready for a different kind of Yoshi game in Spring 2019.

Asmodee Games is   bringing table top games to the digital world. Three popular games are coming to switch for personal or online game play: Carcassonne, Lord of the Rings The Card Game and Pandemic. Not only are the games formatted for console play, but they also include all of their respective game expansions. More games are in development to be brought to the Switch, including the ever popular Settlers of Catan and… MUNCHKIN!?

Switch is taking no risks on it’s empire and as added the Civilization VI to it’s ranks. The 2K developed series will be making it’s Nintendo debut on November 16th. Like on other consoles and PC, it offers online multiplayer modes up to four people. Create, explore, develop, and defend your world the way you see fit!

Ubisoft takes the helm in bringing back one of our favorite flyers in Starlink: Battle For Atlas. Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Peppy O’Hare, and Slippy return to swoop in and save the Atlas Star System against all enemies, including the usual bad boy Wolf. Barrel Rolls are available October 16th.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is chuck full of new areas, characters, and roster change ups.  Last Direct we heard about King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country and Simon (SIMON!) of Castlevania fame being added as playable fighters and bringing in character backup from their respective games. But during THIS direct, the slightly unexpected happened. Isabelle from Animal Crossing isn’t just assisting the mayor anymore, she’s taking on the challenge as a new playable fighter! Not only that, a teaser announcement for Welcome To Animal Crossing followed for a release in 2019.

RPG’s are taking storm soon for the Switch. Not only are they getting Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna- The Golden Country and The World Ends With you Final Remix, they are also inviting a franchise that was once considered Sony exclusive onboard: Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles finally got the remastering it deserved including an online multiplayer mode and arrives in 2019. Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition was just released and World of Final Fantasy Maxima arrives November 6th thus year. Switch is also getting some of the remastered classics such as Final Fantasy 7, 9, 10, and 10-2 HD.

Future games were also announced though rather quickly such as Warframe (November 20th), 2K’s Fifa 2019, 2k’s NBA 2K19, Just Dance 2019, Team Sonic Racing, Lego DC Super Villains, and NBA 2K Playgrounds 2.

Nintendo Switch Online

The service begins September 18th. The online service offers five features: Online play for competitive or co-op play, NEW Online, Save Data Cloud, Smartphone App, and Special Offers. Online play is available for most titles, even the classic NES games. As I wrote in a previous article, the save cloud works but only for certain titles, so be sure to look them up for updates. The Smartphone App, though promising, will undoubtedly have some bugs to work out on first release. As for Special Offers, it looks like we’ll have to wait for another direct to find out about them. Sound good? It’s available September 18th. Individual Plans are 3.99 per month, 7.99 for three months, or $20 for a year. This sounds a lot more reasonable than some companies and games with their high premiums and downloadable content charges.  

New wireless controllers have been created to play classic NES games. And man, they are riding the nostalgia hard. Basically, they are the classic NES controllers, just with Switch censors. They come in sets of two: one for left and one for right. They attach to the Switch screen just like the other controllers do as well. The cost? US $59.99. Not bad for those longing to feel the divots of those classic red A and B buttons. Pre-purchasing starts on the 18th.

And for those that love Super Smash Bros and are excited for the new game (THAT FEATURES SIMON!), there is a special Super Smash Bros Ultimate bundle coming out in time for Christmas on November 2nd that includes the game and a special edition Switch and Controllers decked out in Super Smash Bros art. You can also get a Game Cube controller and adapter for the switch the same day just in case you prefer kicking butt the old school way.

Well, now that the notes are out of the way, here is the video in case you changed your mind. ^_^

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