Breath of the Wild DLC Released


To those who have bought the Breath of the Wild Season Pass, you can expect a treat today as all of the content within Pack 1 goes out. However, a warning to everyone who got it on the Wii U, this update will require a 3.7 Gb update in order to play the new content, compared to  only 456 Mb on the Switch. So clean out some space if you need to before starting the download. And with that, let us dive into what’s new to the wild.


Hard Mode – All monsters have been upgraded by one tier, with a new final tier having been added above silver. So those early Bokoblin’s are no pushovers anymore and instead will test your skills. There is also the introduction of floating platforms in hard mode, many enemies will now be floating up above on wooden planks held up by a new enemy type, Sky Octoroc’s, and sometimes guarding treasure. You’ll also have a new save slot so you can choose to start over if you want to without overwriting your previous save, or just change the difficulty in the game’s settings.

Trial of the Sword – The new trial within the Master Sword will unlock it’s full potential once completed. This trial will test your strength as the Hero of Hyrule, everything you’ve worked so hard to collect will temporarily be removed before you begin. You’ll face off against 45 different stages that will test your tactical skills and execution. You won’t have your Master Sword to fall back on, after all.

Hero’s Path – There is a new toggleable add-on that will illuminate your last 200 hours in game and display the paths you’ve taken through Hyrule. Something very necessary for someone trying to finish all 120 Shrines or collect all 900 Korok seeds, but those searching can get more help with another item mentioned below.

Travel Medallion – Within a new chest somewhere in the world, you will find this special item. The Travel Medallion will allow you to create a new custom fast travel location to quickly access a place of your choosing.

New Armor – The new armor pieces will all reference previous Zelda titles, such as Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, and Wind Waker. Now you can save Hyrule as the Mask that tried to doom us all! Below is a list of the new gear and what it will grant you when worn:

  • Phantom Armor (increase Links attack damage)
  • Midna’s Helmet (Guardian resistance up)
  • Tingle’s Outfit (Night speed up)
  • Majora’s Mask (should be worn around friends and enemies)

And last but not least,

The Korok Mask – Will shake to signify when there is an undiscovered Korok nearby when worn. On your quest to save Hyrule, some completionist will want to try to track down all 900 Korok seeds. In conjunction with the Hero’s path, you can go off and explore every nook and cranny easier in your quest to be the best. The Master Quest.

Fun fact: while developing the game, Korok’s that can be found under rocks were actually marked with the stone pedestal that housed the Master Sword from Skyward Sword instead of the standard rocks as we know them to be. This was done so that the development team would find them easier and went back to replace them later on before release. For more fun facts about the game, Nintendo has been doing updates leading up to the release of Pack 1 with insight and tidbits over at

With all of this content in Breath of the Wild now, there’s more goodies to be sought after, secrets to be found, and monsters to be slain! It just might be enough to keep one tied over till we see the release of Pack 2 this holiday, where we’ve been told to expect more story quests with a hint towards more involvement of the appointed Champions of Hyrule. And of course, Ganon still needs to beaten.

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