Official rules for contests on

The Hyrule Herald reserves the right to start and stop promotional contests on their own. All entries, unless specifically stated, are drawn at random via a number generator. This methodology is akin to a raffle.

All established winners of contests cannot win another contest from The Hyrule Herald until 3 months time have passed since their previous win.

Contests are open to fans across the world, but The Hyrule Herald will not ship prizes out of North America. The Hyrule Herald will do their best to compensate the out of country winner with a gift certificate to equal value of established prize if the winner is outside of North America.

When shipping prizes, The Hyrule Herald will not overnight any prize. It will be standard 4-10 day shipping. If the winner requests overnight shipping, arrangements can be made on the winners expense.

Contest entries, and how to participate to win, will be stated on blog posts or social media. The Hyrule Herald reserves the right to include sources from other areas or disqualify sources from other areas, as well as multiple/duplicate entries.

The Hyrule Herald reserves the right to cancel established contests with no prior communication.