Gaming is for Lovers: Gift Ideas for your Super Smashing Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Whether or not you celebrate the holiday of romance, we have a few handy ideas when it comes to figuring out what to get your Player 2 for a gift.

Jewelry: Etsy and other online jewelers have many neat designs for earrings, rings, and necklaces with a Zelda theme. Take Arts & Gems Jewelers for example, who excel in nerdy designs. Their Piece of Heart Pendant and Triforce Necklace look stunning and now their Pokemon Trainer rings are for women and men. They do quality work and easy t work with (I should know, my engagement ring came from them).


Need something less of a commitment? How about ThinkGeek’s Triforce Watch? Check out our review here before you buy, though.

Plush: Got a soft spot for Tingle? Gamerablila has a cuddly version. You can also get a Toon Link and Zelda one too among other game characters.


Clothing: Etsy, Think Geek,, and Merchoid. all have a great selection on Zelda garb. For Zelda themed T-Shirts designed by multiple graphic designers, head to to see all their creative and funny designs at great prices. Think Geek has an entire page dedicated to the franchise. Merchoid Zelda and has all other sorts of geeky shirts, bags, shirts, robes, a biker jacket, and all sorts of cool things. And for costumes and fun wearbles: Etsy, Ety, Etsy.



Games: Know of a game they are craving? Try to locate it and take the plunge into a purchase! And who knows? Hopefully for you, it’s multiplayer! their dream game hasn’t come out yet? Easy! Either pre-order the game for them and gift them the receipt to let them know it’ll come to them or make a personal coupon for them. When the game they are waiting for comes out, have them redeem it and go buy them their game! Why the coupon? Because it lets them know you are thinking about them and intending on purchasing the game for them anyways. Is their online account or eshop empty of funds? Refill them with eshop cards you can find at EB Games, Game Stop, Target, or any store with an electronics department.

Outside of the Box (or inside): Yeah, flowers and chocolate are a bit overdone, but still appreciated. And you can combine them with gifts or events like movies, dinners out, massages, etc.  But sometimes gifts outside of the norm make an amazing statement. For example, if your loved one wants a bit of gaming decor for their office or gaming area, why not gift them with art? Decor8bit and 3D Retro Game Arts on Etsy offer beautiful shadow box cutouts of amazing gaming moments, including come amazing Zelda themed ones. Check these out!

Decor8bit_Zelda 3d_Retro_Art_Zelda


Or, you know, just order pizza and play Mario Kart all night long. Whatever floats your love boats.

But no matter how full or empty your rupee wallet is and what you want to do for your loved one, the important thing is that you love your compadre like EVERYDAY was Valentine’s Day. Do that, and your heart meters should stay full.



Dany Best

Dany Best

Dany Best is a content contributor to The Hyrule Herald and one of the founding managers.

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