Happy Birthday Pokemon! And us gamers get gifts too!

Happy 20th Birthday Pokemon! It’s been a long time since we’ve first started trying to catch ’em all. And Nintendo has been celebrating since the start of 2016 with the announcement of Pokemon GO, Pokemon Card Game’s Packs made retro, a legendary Pokemon code released digitally and at GameStop/EB Games every month, and the best announcement ever: Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow to be released in eShop for download TODAY! Can this get any more amazing?

Apparently, it can. Thank you Nintendo Direct! Pokemon Sun and Moon confirmed to come out late 2016! You can pre-order the at Gamestop/EB Games as part of their Pokemon 20 celebration starting this Saturday!


Dany Best

Dany Best

Dany Best is a content contributor to The Hyrule Herald and one of the founding managers.

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