Knitted Navi and Interview with Crafty Dark Hearts

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I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Etsy Shop owner Crafty Dark Hearts and discussed her Legend of Zelda themed item, Navi. However, I know the owner by her real name: Lauren Ragan.

Lauren and I met in college at Western Michigan University, having lived in the same dorm for a year and even having a few classes together, Lauren and I maintained a great friendship post-undergrad.

One of my all time favorite designs I’ve bought from her is my very special Hobbes knit. The knitted Navi really sets my collection off, too.


BC: Lauren, how long have you been doing crafts?

LR:  I guess you can say my entire life. My mom is an artist so she would always find fun things for me growing up. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens when I start to figure out on my own how to do more hands on crafts.

BC: What has been your favorite craft to make?

LR: I love knitting. My mom’s best friend taught me how to knit in high school, and 10 years later I’m still doing it. My favorite things to knit, however, are stuffed animals. I’m a sucker for cute things. I even have a knitting tattoo, if anyone ever questioned my love of the craft.

BC: Do you take commissions if a fan emailed you?

LR: I do. But with the internet being so big, and there are so many sources it’s hard to get noticed so I usually just make things for fun.

cdh 2

BC: Lauren, is there a “white whale” project you want to take on but haven’t yet?

LR: I’ve always wanted to make an ugly Christmas Sweater. I’ve made dozens of sweaters over the years but never the dreaded Christmas one. Every holiday I tell myself this is the year, but it never happens because I get wrapped up in other projects.

BC: What has been your favorite project you’ve made and why

LR: As I said before I love to knit stuffed animals. Over the last few months I have developed my own creations called Freakshow Friends. Cute little animals, usually cats, with multiple heads. I’ve always loved oddities, and creating adorable ragdoll like creatures with multiple heads makes me so happy. It makes me even happier when others appreciate what I create as well – no matter how weird it is.

cdh 3

Lauren sells a lot of her work on her Etsy Shop and can be reached there for custom work.

I greatly appreciate Lauren taking the time to chat with me, as well as think of me when creating new crafts – especially Zelda and Nintendo related ones.

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Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett

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