The Legend of Zelda Inducted into World Video Game Hall of Fame

The Strong National Museum of Play started a World Video Game Hall of Fame in 2015, with such great hits like Super Mario Bros., Tetris, World of Warcraft and Pong making up part of the first class titles.

While we might sound biased here at The Hyrule Herald, we were bummed that The Legend of Zelda didn’t advance to being inducted last year.

This year, another 15 titles were put under consideration: EliteFinal Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto III, John Madden Football, The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, Nurburgring, The Oregon Trail, Pokemon Red & Green, Sid Meier’s Civilization, The Sims, Sonic the Hedgehog, Space Invaders, Street Fighter II, and Tomb Raider.

As with last year, only six titles advance to the inductee status. 2016’s Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees are:

Grand Theft Auto III


The third title in this very popular series made the series what it is today. Previously, Grand Theft AutoGrand Theft Auto 2, and GTA London were all top-down games. The premise has remained pretty much the same. Get a job, steal a car, kill your way to get to the top.

Grand Theft Auto III changed this. Migrating into a 3D open-world and bringing full story progression to the forefront. Grand Theft Auto III paved the way for advancements that would make the follow up titles in the series just that much better. Rockstar knows the formula and just keeps perfecting it.

Grand Theft Auto VI is currently under development.


The Legend of Zelda


Our sites’ bread and butter. The Legend of Zelda has spoken to billions of fans in its 30+ year series run. The original 8-bit NES title is still one that fans still return to play every so often.

Originally titled “The Hyrule Fantasy,” The Legend of Zelda introduced the world to our green-clad hero, Link, the captured Princess Zelda, and the vile Ganon.

As of now, there are officially 17 titles in the widely debated Zelda Timeline, with several spin-off games as well.

The future for The Legend of Zelda series looks promising, with the Wii U and NX versions due out within a year (again), most conjecture suggests that this new title will take the series in a new direction. We’ll find out in 2017.


The Oregon Trail


Next to Number Munchers, this was pretty much a standard floppy disk in all classrooms across America. Being the first of its kind in telling a unique story that bases around historical fact, Edutainment migrated from TV shows to personal computers, making way for titles like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and EcoQuest. 

The Oregon Trail is a game that has evolved over time, but the mission statement of the game has always been the same: teach about the American Westward Expansion.

Thankfully, there isn’t a film coming out:


The Sims


Sul Sul! That’s Simlish for “Hello.” Yes, The Sims created a vast world spanning into 4 base games with dozens of expansions for each game, along with a world of their own language.

The Sims making the inductee list makes perfect sense, as it took the idea of Sim City, only you got to see inside the homes and control the homes and people in them. Who wouldn’t want to play God?

Depending on how you played, the game could be silly, dramatic, or somewhere in between.

Or this:

Sonic The Hedgehog


Nintendo’s biggest rival in the early 90’s was this little blue furred hedgehog and his series. Sonic The Hedgehog went toe-to-toe with the Super Mario Bros. series.

Sonic The Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis was a standard title in the old console war days.

Of course, Sega went out of the hardware business and licensed Sonic and his pals to Nintendo, so we now have Sonic games across the board, even introducing Sonic into the Super Smash Bros. series.

Space Invaders


One of the most iconic arcade games, Space Invaders definitely is a welcome addition to the Video Game Hall of Fame.

This arcade cabinet was almost inescapable from any arcade, and for good reason: it’s a game about timing and utilizing your defenses. This was one of the first games to really incorporate the idea of needing a strategy to beat it.

Did your favorite game make it into this years list? Who do you think the 2017 nominees should be? Tell us in the comments below.


Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett is the lead content contributor and co-owner of The Hyrule Herald.

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