LOZ and True Romance: The Strongest Bonds

Love is in the air here at HH, as our own Ben Cornett has proposed and is now engaged! Congratulations Ben! It’s notable that Ben is a romantic kind of guy, and with Legend of Zelda being his favorite game series, it’s no surprise as the franchise has had some influential romantic couples and moments. Though many of Link’s relationships wind up in heartache or blend into the obscure, here are couplings with the strongest bond. Warning: SPOILERS

Yeta and Yeto from Twilight Princess

No way was I not going to add these two lovebirds- or love yeti’s- to the list. In sickness and in health is how the vow goes, and Yeto goes all the way into Hyrule territory for the sake of his love’s health. Quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and the salmon-pumpkin-cheese soup is pure proof. But showing the one you adore that you love them for everything they are by being their personal mirror? That is worth every heart that explodes from their heartwarming hug.

Kafei and Anju from Majora’s Mask

What’s more stressful than planning a wedding with stressful in-laws? Having a quick wedding during an apocalypse! And to your cursed fun-sized fiance nonetheless. Still, that doesn’t stop these two from trying to find each other and be together at the last minute with wedding masks in hand. And don’t worry. If you make it in time,  there’s a celebration of their union on Day 4!

Link and Mipha from Breath of the Wild

Out of all the numerous scenarios where a childhood friend ends up a romantic interest but never comes to be (I mean come on, one of them turns into a seagull), Mipha and her fate have to be the strongest and most sincerely written in the series. Each character that falls into this category has their own unique spin and level of emotional depth, but she is Ocarina’s Ruto on steroids when it comes to her connection and affection for the hero. For him she creates armor, something reserved for love’s intended, and she gives something no other love interest had ever given Link: the ability to heal. And I do mean that in multiple ways. Eloquent, doting, and not putting up with her family trying to keep them apart, it kind of breaks your heart to uncover her fate and relive it through memories. Though their want for a relationship may have been in vain, Link saving her spirit and her aid in restoring Hyrule was not.  Never have the words “Let’s annihilate Ganon together” sounded so sweet.

The Spinning Couple Honey and Darling from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask

Not sure which one is Honey and which one is Darling. Other than revolving in place and never once loosing eye contact, the love obsessed couple proves that obstacles are nothing if you have each other. Think about it: they stay up past curfew whirling in a courtyard, escape the darkness ripping Hyrule apart and start anew in Kakariko Village, and even open up a business together in downtown Termina. Capitalistic adventuring in this universe’s economy!? Now THAT’S commitment.

Link and Ilia from Twilight Princess

Gotta love a guy that’s great with kids and good with horses. At least, I bet that’s what Ilia thought being around Twilight Princess’s Link. They love the same things, have a connection to animals, and are determined youth when it comes to solving the mysteries of the Twili and finding a way to return home. You even have a song together to summon Epona! Awww! Ending the game in returning home to Ilia and the village is implied at the end, but someone happened to get closer to our hero in since Ilia’s capture. All of this seems the most normal Link has ever had in a relationship, especially compared to…

Link and Midna from Twilight Princess

Through misunderstandings and mistakes, clashing personas, and a whole ton of Twili sass, Midna and Link’s relationship echoed something not often seen in gaming; the trials that make a real relationship. This and the mysteries created for Twilight Princess pull it all together and have you guessing until the end credits. LOZ’s odd couple start off in the darkest of circumstances only to come out on top with pure teamwork and learning about one another’s worlds and each other. Despite their bond ending in gut wrenching heartache after she shatters the Twilight Mirror with her tears, this has to be the strongest romantic bond Link has with another person. This character plot formula is reused ten years later in Breath of the Wild, but with a different princess…

Link and Zelda

In many of the games, these two lead character’s romance has been hinted at. Heck, it was THROWN at us with the TV series (excuuuuuse me princess). But when it comes to which games had them bonding the strongest, it comes to a tie between the latest two titles: Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild. Both type of relationships are unique to their games in the way they progress. Skyward Sword has the elements of a high school dating scene; rivalries, pranks, flirting, and being childish. But echoing the feelings of Ocarina of Time, Zelda and Link in Skyward Sword feel like an evolution of that established connection between the two as we get more time with the two and the unveiling of the Hylia reincarnation story line. Clearly there is something there if you can shake off having a girl push you over the edge of a floating city.

Ocarina of Time is hard to argue against, but why would you want to? Though they initially didn’t have as much time as other Link and Zeldas, their evolution happened under the cover of Sheik. True that Ocarnia of Time juggled many relationships for Link, only Saria rivaled Zelda in how close she was to our hero.  And at the end of all things, the end credits go to show that once evil is put in its place, the possibilities for these two are endless (at least until Link decides to leave and take down a very angry moon). You can’t help but root for the two after everything they (and you, the player) went through. 

But are they destined to be a couple in any of the reincarnations? Well, they’ve had 30+ years of gaming history, so I should hope that one day they’ll figure it out. But Congratulations Ben and Ashley! You’ve both figured it out, and as I like to say, “You both are the Zelda. You wear the pants”.

Dany Best

Dany Best

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