Miitomo’s Zelda Invasion

It is the 14th of June, which for Zelda fans across the globe, it is the day we get to learn about Zelda Wii U and some of us will actually be able to play it. But for those of us who can’t, the Zelda Wii U event kicks off on Miitomo today and sure the two are in no way equal but are you really going to deny your Mii the chance to dress up as the latest incarnation of Link?


Hours after the Nintendo kick-off at E3, having reached all their goals during the retweet event for Miitomo, at 13:00 pm PST (16:00 pm EST,) all those still using Miitomo will be able to collect both Link wigs and the Pixel Link T-Shirt. Then one hour later at 14:00 pm PST (15:00 pm EST,) a whole range of Zelda Wii U related items and garments will make their way into Miitomo, as the new Miitomo Drop! stages will drop. The Miitomo shop will receive a new line of Zelda Wii U clothing items and there will be new Item Reward added to My Nintendo.


Should you not have enough tokens to fully complete the stages, or enough coin to buy all of the clothes, or even the points to acquire the new reward, you will have from today until the 14th of July to grab as much as you can before it goes away. May Hylia be on your side in your endeavour to collect it all.


Source: Miitomo.com

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