New Amiibo Coming in November, 2017

With the announcement of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind, Nintendo will be rolling out a new line of Amiibo figures. Releasing in November of this year will be Amiibo of Super Mario characters, including Waluigi, Wario, Daisy and Rosalina. Also joining the lineup will be Donkey and Diddy Kong, in all their banana-eating, barrel-throwing glory, as well as a glow-in-the-dark Boo!


After these Amiibo release, we’ll see three all-new figures from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sometime during 2017.

There will be an Archer Link:


Rider Link:


And to top off the list, a Guardian:


Something else that is unique to this last Amiibo – the Guardian’s arms will be completely moveable! That way you can create epic battles between your current Amiibo and these brand-new Amiibo, how about that?

Wolf Link will also make an appearance in Breath of the Wild: if you tap the amiibo during the game, the wolf version of Link from Twilight Princess will become a follower and an aide to you in battle. His amount of health will be equivalent to however much he had when you tapped him during the Cave of Shadows in the Twilight Princess: HD minigame!

What are your thoughts about these new Amiibo figures? Please let us know in the comment section!

Lucas Corbitt

Lucas Corbitt

Lucas Corbitt is a content contributor and editor for The Hyrule Herald.

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