New Splatoon Update Brings Updated Weapon Variants

Update by Benny Norton-Brann

With the upcoming Splatoon update arriving April 12th, new weapon variations will be introduced in the download. Dubbed as “Sheldon’s Picks”, these will include new colors and names to the weapons along with changes to their original sub and special weapons. For example, the “Berry Splattershot Pro” brings a more neon-esque scheme to its look, and includes Suction Bombs as the sub weapon and the Bomb Rush as the special, differentiating itself from the Splat Bomb and Inkstrike weapons found on the original.

A total list of these new weapons includes:

Wasabi Splattershot – Sub: Splat Bombs/Special: Inkstrike

Berry Splattershot Pro – Sub: Suction Bombs/Special: Bomb Rush

Fresh Squiffer – Sub: Suction Bombs/Special: Kraken

Permanent Inkbrush – Sub: Splat Bombs/Special: Kraken

Soda Slosher – Sub: Splat Bombs/Special: Inkzooka

Bamboozler Mk III – Sub: Burst Bombs/Special: Inkstrike

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Keep in mind that due to server maintenance, online features for Splatoon will be down between 4:50 PM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time to prepare for the update.





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