Super Mario Maker Update Gives 6 New Things to Try

Nintendo has had a few updates for their wildly popular game, Super Mario Maker, and they’ve released a new update with six additions for players to try!

The first bit of the update applies to Thwomps: if you shake a Thwomp, it’ll become a huge Skewer! These massive spike blocks are pretty formidable (and scary!) but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add them into your levels!


Just look at those things…


The next update deals with the P switch and doors. If you shake a P switch, it’ll become a key, and if you shake a door twice (once for a P door) it’ll turn into a key door! Makes sense right? I mean why make a key with no door to unlock…

You can either put the key into a block, stick in on an enemy, or leave it out in the open, au natural. Mario can even carry up to eight keys, so don’t be shy!


The third update is sort of in the same vein as the last: if you shake a coin, it’ll transform into a pink coin which, once all of them are collected, turn into a key. This way you can make your level-players hunt down coins in order to move on.

Wait a minute… Since Mario is such a master of costumes, does that mean if he collected enough pink coins he would…


No, that’s preposterous!

Anyway, on to the next update! This one has to deal with the 100 Mario Challenge. Once you beat it on Expert difficulty, Super Expert mode will be unlocked! You’ll have 100 lives to complete six courses on this difficulty, and you may just win some special mystery mushroom costumes from it! There are 12 of these to unlock – be sure to collect ’em all!

The fifth update applies to your User Info. When you click on your pretty little face on the main screen, there will be a small X in a bubble, like the ones you see when you die in a course. Click on that, and it’ll allow you to see all the places people have failed and left comments on your courses! It may just help you see where some problematic places are… So you can keep making courses just like that!

The last part of this update is for the Bookmark tab. You can now see how many times a single player has set the World Record for any course! You can also bookmark all of those courses to try them out for yourself. Will you be able to put yourself on top? Well now you can try to shoot for the stars!

Along with this update, there will be another Mystery Mushroom Costume can be unlocked after you complete the “Mary O’s Lunch Break” event course. It’s Mary O herself, from the Super Mario Maker manual! Be sure to complete this special course and try out all the new features associated with this update.


This free update is available as of today, so be sure to update your game to get access to all of these changes, and let us know what you think about them in the comment section.


Lucas Corbitt

Lucas Corbitt

Lucas Corbitt is a content contributor and editor for The Hyrule Herald.

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