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A little over a week ago, rumors formed about Twilight Princess: HD having a secret dungeon unlocked with the Wolf Link amiibo, and those rumors have been confirmed! The Wolf Link amiibo unlocks what is called the “Trial of the Beast”, which is similar to the Cave of Ordeals, in that if you complete the daunting task set before you, an impressive reward will be waiting.

The trial is a full 40 floors of enemies and physical hazards that the player has to traverse through, as Wolf Link. This means that there are no weapons, inventory, or healing items. If you manage to reach the bottom of the Cave of Shadows, the Bottomless Wallet – if the Giant’s Wallet has already been obtained – shall be yours, as well as its 9,999 Rupee carrying capacity.

This is also where the Wolf Link amiibo will come in handy: it serves as a sort of record-keeper; however many hearts you have at the end of the dungeon, can be given to you in-game to restore your health. However, Wolf Link isn’t the only amiibo to aid Link in his quest, oh no! The Zelda and Sheik amiibo also fully restore Link’s health, and the Toon Link and regular Link amiibo will restore his quiver. Amiibo Lane is a two-way street, however, as the Ganondorf amiibo will allow enemies to attack with double damage.

Below is an official video about Twilight Princess: HD‘s amiibo functionality, if reading isn’t your thing.

Wolf Link won’t only be an asset for Twilight Princess, but will also unlock special weapons for Midna in Hyrule Warriors: Legends for the 3DS and will have an unknown ability in Zelda U.

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Lucas Corbitt

Lucas Corbitt

Lucas Corbitt is a content contributor and editor for The Hyrule Herald.

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