The Nintendo NX and The Legend of Zelda Due in 2017

Nintendo made two massive announcements today: The next console, code named NX, is expected to release in March 2017 and that The Legend of Zelda for the Wii U has been delayed until 2017. However, along with this delay comes the news that Zelda will now also release simultaneously with the NX.

“The latest installment in this classic franchise is scheduled to release simultaneously for both Wii U and NX, and both versions of the game have been in development in tandem. Because developers need more time to polish the game, [The Legend of Zelda] will launch in 2017, but will be the focus of Nintendo’s presence at E3. NX will not make an appearance at E3 and will be unveiled later this year. This June, Nintendo will focus its attention on the upcoming game in the The Legend of Zelda franchise. The Wii U version of the game will be the only playable game Nintendo presents at the show in order to provide attendees a complete immersion. Additional information about Nintendo’s E3 plans will be announced in the future.”

Let’s dissect this.

First, Nintendo has definitely been lying to us about the fact that Zelda Wii U was only being released for the Wii U. They’ve stated numerous times that it is only for the Wii U. Well, when we have a quote that says they’ve been developed in tandem, when did this change?

“We’ll tell them it’s only for the Wii U. Watch the butthurt happen after we tell them it’s for the NX, too!”

Second, with the game being the focus of their E3 presentation, we’ll definitely get to see a formal trailer, a lot more gameplay and learn a lot more than we’ve been grasping at for the past few years.

Third, the Wii U version will be the only playable game from Nintendo this year at E3. I find that hard to believe, but Nintendo tends to have more success with their Nintendo Directs than they do competing against rivals Microsoft and Sony at E3. This would also make way for a huge Nintendo Direct for the NX.

Overall, this is going to be an exciting few weeks leading to E3 for us Zelda fans.



Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett is the lead content contributor and co-owner of The Hyrule Herald.

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