Nintendo Release StarFox Zero Animated Short

The recently released StarFox Zero for the Nintendo Wii U has an animated short that pairs nicely to the game.

Nintendo collaborated with Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell) and Wit Studio (Attack on Titan) to bring this 14 minute story that lays the ground work for the first level in StarFox Zero.

With such awesome collaborators working on this mini project, this short film will have fans of the Star Fox franchise wanting more. Boasting slick animation and amazing aerial dogfights, this is the kind of prelude cinematic that usually accompanies a Blizzard game that generally sets the tone for the adventure that is about to unfold.

And what’s with Falco’s not Nintendo system that’s clearly playing the original StarFox? NX Easter egg, perhaps? OK. We’re reaching on that one, but still a nice nod to the game that started it all.

StarFox Zero was released on April 2016 and includes the additional game, StarFox Guard. The Hyrule Herald will have a review of the game soon, but in the meantime, pick up a copy and tell us your thoughts!

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett is the lead content contributor and co-owner of The Hyrule Herald.

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