Nintendo Switch Online Price Announced

After we learned about Nintendo’s new online service in the Nintendo Switch Event, we all wanted to know the price point, and today we finally know the price for the Nintendo Switch online service! It was revealed by Serkan Toto earlier today:  the online service will cost around 2-3,000 Yen per year which is about 17-26 US dollars and around 23-34 Canadian dollars. Per year.

Compared to the price of Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus which are $59.99 and $49.99 respectively, the Nintendo Switch online service is fairly inexpensive.  I was not expecting such a difference and am very happy with this lower price, as most people these days pay hundreds on subscriptions like Hulu, Netflix, and the previously mentioned gaming online services per year. The $20 price point isn’t budget-breaking for most – meaning that more people are likely to use the online service.

The service will be free at launch and starting in the fall Nintendo will start charging us for it, and I really think this is a good thing, as Nintendo can adjust aspects of their online servers and make improvements before they charge people for the service. Hopefully Nintendo does take advantage of this and does perfect the service by fall of this year.

We don’t know much about Nintendo’s new online service but we can add price to the small list.  The only other things we know are that you will be given exclusive deals along with monthly game downloads and the obvious voice chat, lobbies, and online play.  Nintendo has also said that they will be releasing a smart device app that will accompany the service.

Remember there are only 30 days until the Nintendo Switch release!

Is this the kind of price point you were suspecting? Tell us in the comments below!

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