Nintendo Working with Universal Studios to Add Franchises to Parks

Nintendo has been working with Universal Studios since May of this year, hinting at their adding Nintendo-themed rides and attractions to Universal theme parks. ┬áThere aren’t a lot of details on the collaboration, but if this is a serious partnership, we may see Mario, Zelda or Pokemon-based rides and attractions at Universal theme parks around the world.


We already know that the world of Harry Potter is coming to Universal Studios, and along with other well-known series and franchises, I think it’s time for Nintendo to step into the limelight and get their foot in this particular door.


The biggest issue I have with this partnership is that when (and if, honestly) Universal opens attractions based on Nintendo titles, that it won’t be as impactful or profitable as either party were expecting. Other than that, really, I see no problems with Nintendo and Universal Studios collaborating to create an experience, interactive or otherwise, for fans of Nintendo titles and theme parks alike.

Could we see oversized, plush versions of our favorite characters plodding around the park, like we see at Disneyland, and in the picture above? Feel free to add your thoughts and opinions in the comment section!


Lucas Corbitt

Lucas Corbitt

Lucas Corbitt is a content contributor and editor for The Hyrule Herald.

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