Nintendo’s First E3 Announcements

During the E3 2016 Press Conference, Nintendo swept the pressing topics such as the “NX” and Zelda U under the rug and instead focused on “Nindie” games – Nintendo’s coined term for Nintendo indie games. Damon Baker introduced three representatives for the independent developers and had them explain the upcoming releases for their games and finished off the presentation with the trailer for Severed from Drinkbox Studios.

First, William Dubé from Thunder Lotus games introduced a new game called Jotun. “It’s a game where you explore Norse purgatory to find runes and then those runes unlock massive boss fights against the Jotun,” Dubé explained. The word “Jotun” is the Nordic word for “giant”, so the players gain powers of Norse gods by collecting statues to use against the antagonistic giants. There will also be a Valhalla Edition, which will be the same as the standard, except this version will feature Valhalla Mode. In this mode you have the option to fight each of the game’s bosses – in a more powered-up form – one after the other. Reminds me of the same type of mini-game from Skyward Sword to receive the Hylian Shield!

Watch the trailer here!

Next, Alex Rushdy from 13AM games presented developments on the game Runbow. He described the company’s desire to fulfill the wishes of the fans, which resulted in the creation of a portable version of Runbow, to be released on the New 3DS. In addition, the company answered fan pleas of a bonus character inclusion. The most popular choice was Shantae, who will be able to be downloaded free! Topping off the improvements made, Runbow Deluxe, which has the full game and all the DLC available, will be released for the Wii U and the 3DS.

And we just so happen to have that trailer right here as well!

Dan Adelman from Thomas Happ Games then took his spot in the limelight and released an update on Axiom Verge, a game he fondly introduces as “a 2D exploration . . .Metroidvania style game.” After giving the background of the game, he announces that a new version will be released this summer, which includes improvements such as having the map and weapon selections on the gamepad as well as off-TV play.

Click above to see the game in all of its Metroidvania glory!

To finish off Nintendo’s screen time, Damon Baker announced a new game called Severed. In this Wii U game, you will play as Sasha, a one-armed girl who wants to find answers about herself and her missing family. Use the Wii U and 3DS touch screens to swipe your sword at enemies, interact with the world, and solve the puzzles that block your way. As you progress through the game, you’ll “ascend an RPG-style upgrade tree” and learn more about the living nightmare you now find yourself in. Severed will launch later this year, and you can watch the full trailer right here.

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Lucas Corbitt

Lucas Corbitt

Lucas Corbitt is a content contributor and editor for The Hyrule Herald.

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