An Official 8-bit Super Mario Bros. Monopoly is Coming This Summer

The board game gurus over at USAopoly are adding a long awaited Collector’s Edition Monopoly set of the original 8-bit Super Mario Bros. this summer. It boasts a completely customized Monopoly makeover.

This Collector’s Edition includes an 8-bit styled game board where the properties are named after their respective Worlds such as World 1-1 all the way to World 8-4. The 2 Utilities have also been turned into the Fire Flower and the Super Star power-ups. There are 6 custom tokens to use in the shape of Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Toad, a Mushroom and a 1-Up Mushroom. Houses and Hotels have been replaced by Flagpoles and Castles respectively and Community Chest and Chance cards have been replaced with ? Block and Warp Pipe cards. That’s not all though, the Monopoly money has been translated into coin amounts.

It’s surprising that’s it’s taken this long to get an officially licensed Mario-Monopoly crossover with the original 8-bit style but they sure went all out with it! It’s going to be for sale this summer for $44.95 MSRP. Unfortunately it’s only shipped within the United States (with some exceptions), so you’ll have to check if they can ship out to your country!

So what do you think about this upcoming Super Mario Bros. Collector’s Edition Monopoly set? Are you going to order it when it’s finally released? Let us know in the comments below!

Ryan Douglas

Ryan Douglas

Ryan is a content writer and editor for The Hyrule Herald.

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