Official Rules for the Hyrule Herald Switch 4 Sunshine Fundraiser

The official rules for the Camp Sunshine Fundraiser:

UPDATE: 8/14/17 – The minimum donation must be $5. To compensate for this, every $1 that’s donated now counts as 5 raffle tickets. So your minimum donation of $5 = 25 raffle tickets. Sorry for the confusion.

  • The fundraiser starts on Monday, August 14 and runs through Friday, August 18. 
  • Cost of entry is $5 USD. Donation are welcome world wide, prizes will not ship out of North America, unless at cost of overseas winner.
  • No age necessary to win.
  • Event will run similar to a raffle. Per every dollar donated, a contributors name will be assigned a corresponding amount of raffle tickets. Using a number generator, a randomly selected ticket will be pulled once every achievement level is hit.
  • Winners will be contacted via email. A valid email address is required to donate to GoFundMe. Winners will also be announced on Twitter and Facebook. Winners have exactly 24 hours from drawing time to claim their prize. If the winner fails to respond within the 24-hour period, a mandatory re-draw will occur and a new winner will be selected. This process will be repeated as many times until a prize is claimed.
  • The Hyrule Herald, Ready Gamer One, or Camp Sunshine will not make use of anyone’s email other than for prize winners. Winners should expect an email from We have no interest in spamming anyone, we’re classier than that.
  • The Hyrule Herald, Ready Gamer One, or Camp Sunshine and their employees are not responsible for any delays, issues, or damages during shipping.
  • All prizes are sealed in the box new, unless otherwise stated.
Here’s a picture that’s fitting and also breaks up some of the text.
  • For every dollar donated, the contributor is given 5x the chances to win. Example: If $5 is donated, the contributor has 25 entries with their chance to win. If a contributor donates $20, they have 100 entries to win. If someone is feeling awesome and donates $1000, they’re receive 5000 tickets. HOWEVER, this does not guarantee any prizes to be won. Everything will be left to the lottery system.
  • Winners can be drawn more than once. Only one ticket will be removed from drawing upon winning. We reserve the right to re-roll on minor prizes (anything that is not the Switch+Zelda combo) if the winner selected has previously won a minor prize. We’re hoping this doesn’t happen.
  • Anonymous contributions are welcome, but when selecting that option the user waives their opportunity to win any prizes.
  • The Fundraiser will be run via GoFundMe and is linked to site owner and fundraiser organizer Ben Cornett’s personal Facebook. Ben Cornett will maintain integrity throughout the entire process, donating the raised funds to Camp Sunshine as well as personally shipping prizes. 
  • Prizes will ship early September 2017 from Michigan. Winners will be contacted with tracking numbers and confirmation.
  • All prizes will ship standard shipping (4-10 days), unless other arrangements are made. 
  • If $1000 goal is not met before the end of the contest, The Hyrule Herald reserves the right to extend the contest, as well as ending the contest where it currently sets. 
  • If $1000 goal is not met before the end of the contest, the Nintendo Switch will remain in possession of The Hyrule Herald.
  • All raised money goes to Camp Sunshine.
  • The Hyrule Herald reserves the right to stop the campaign at any given time. But we probably won’t, because we’re not monsters. This would only happen if something not great occurs. And considering I’ve done my due-diligence here, I think we’re in the clear, kids.


Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett is the lead content contributor and co-owner of The Hyrule Herald.

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