Pokemon Comaster Mobile Game Released In Japan

Article by Matt O’Neill

Earlier this year Japan was treated to Detective Pikachu on the Nintendo 3DS. While this title has yet to release in the west, a new Pokémon game has been released in Japan. Pokémon Comaster has only been released in Japan for Android, although an iOS app is planned to release soon.

Pokémon Comaster is a free-to-play action packed strategy board game that pits Pokémon figures against one another. As the player progresses through the game, their Pokémon will level up, which just like other Pokémon titles, increases their potential in battle. There are in-app purchases available which allows players to purchase diamonds that assist the player in obtaining more items and Pokémon figures. Collecting all the Pokémon figurines certainly plays on the idea of having to catch them all.

Sadly, there is currently no announcement for Pokémon Comaster to release outside of Japan. For any future news regarding Pokémon and all things Nintendo related, catch us here at Hyrule Herald.

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