A Quick Look at Pokémon GO (Microtransactions)

Pokémon GO is out, in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and now the United States of America, so while we’re still getting to grips with the game, let’s take a look at just what you can buy in Pokémon GO and just how much real world currency is required to purchase the in-game currency.


What PokéMoney buys you:



*x20: 100 PokéMoney.

*x100: 460 PokéMoney.

*x200: 800 PokéMoney


Incense: (Used for Attracting Pokémon)

*x1: 80 PokéMoney

*x8: 500 PokéMoney

*x25: 1250 PokéMoney


Lucky Eggs:

*x1: 80 PokéMoney

*x8: 500 PokéMoney

*x25: 1250 PokéMoney


Lure Module:

*x1 Lure Module: 100 PokéMoney

*x8 Lure Modules: 680 PokéMoney


Other Items:

*x1 Egg Incubator: 150 PokéMoney

*Bag Upgrade: 200 PokéMoney

*Pokémon Storage Upgrade: 200 PokéMoney

How much PokéMoney will cost you you:


100 PokeMoney: £0.79 / 120¥ / $0.99

550 PokéMoney: £3.99 / 600¥ / $4.99

1200 PokéMoney: £7.99 / 1200¥ / $9.99

2500 PokéMoney: £14.99 / 240¥ / $19.99

5200 PokéMoney: £29.99 / 4800¥ / $39.99

14500 PokéMoney: £79.99 / 11800¥ / $99.99


Looking at that, it does appear that you could very easily find yourself throwing a small fortune at microtransactions if you’re not careful, but if you have the time to visit PokéStops regularly, you could obtain items that way and enjoy the free ride Pokémon GO has to offer and provided the money aspect and the bugs that are currently present, haven’t put you off the app, here’s the new official launch trailer:

We are just getting started with Pokémon GO, so you can be sure to see some more content within the coming days, so until then, why not get in touch with us and give us your thoughts on the app? We’d love to hear them.


Source: Miketendo64.com

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