Ready Gamer One Podcast

About Ready Gamer One

Ready Gamer One is the official Podcast of The Hyrule HeraldReady Gamer One features Ben Cornett and Lucas Corbitt. Every episode focuses on Nintendo relevant news and discussion.

You can listen to the episodes below. The most recent episode will always be at the top.

Ready Gamer One – Episode 6: Circle of Life – In this week’s episode, Ben and Branden discuss the online pricing for the Nintendo Switch, Fire Emblem Heroes, and the GameStop Circle of Life issues. Also on this episode of Ready Gamer One we introduce the Retro Rewind and discuss the Metroid franchise.

Hosts: Ben Cornett, Branden Loera

Ready Gamer One – Episode 5: Mama Mia! – In this week’s episode, Ben is absent from the podcast so Lucas and Branden take over and discuss the news revolving around the updated Nintendo Switch release date line up. Lucas and Branden talk a little about each title, as well as discuss the fact they can’t wait to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe while in the bathroom.

Hosts: Lucas Corbitt, Branden Loera

Ready Gamer One – Episode 4: Giganamous Map – In this week’s episode, Ben, Lucas and Branden are back and together they discuss the map size of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, all the upcoming Fire Emblem titles, and they discuss the best video game soundtrack of all time.

Hosts: Ben Cornett, Lucas Corbitt, Branden Loera

Ready Gamer One – Episode 3: Switch It Up – In this week’s episode, Ben and Lucas welcome long time friend and former co-worker, Branden Loera, to the podcast. This episode covers the Nintendo Switch Event that previewed the specs, capabilities, and launch titles for the Nintendo Switch.

Hosts: Ben Cornett, Lucas Corbitt, Branden Loera