Sega Dreamcast 2 Possibly Coming Soon

Project Dream: Sega Dreamcast 2 to be A PC-Console Hybrid

Don’t call it a comeback! Sega Dreamcast 2 is a project that is making ripples in the gamesphere, better code named as “Project Dream,” which looks to be a PC meeting with an updated Dreamcast.

Patrick Lawsen, a member of the Sega Dreamcast 2 super group that is aimed reviving the Dreamcast (and the Sega name pretty much) has made a lot of project on this new project, saying:

I’m truly excited about the Crowdfunded prospect for SEGA RingEdge Zero/RingWide Elite. […] If we can get just a million backers worldwide, our upcoming KS could be funded in record time and with SEGA licensing it could have it out on the market in less than a year!

[…] SEGA should be unveiling some new Arcade hardware at AOU in February [2016]. We have [Sega of Japan] interns involved. They will present the ideas to SEGA of Japan next Quarter. SEGA will revive its old IPs.

Lawsen and his team are trying to basically bring a competitive PC-type rig to compete against the Steam gaming machines or even the dedicated rigs designed by Alienware (Dell) and Cyberpower.


The glorified mission is for Lawesen and crew to reinvent the Sega console name and bring them into the home console turf war between Microsoft, Sony, and old rival (and lately software partner) Nintendo. Even the mock-up of the system (as seen in the top image) looks to include a dedicated wireless controller, a key feature that all 3 of its competitors have.

It’ll be a few days before anything is set in stone for this Project Dream, and when it’s all said and done, it could just live up to its name and be nothing more than a dream.

Sega easily lost out of the big console turf war a few years ago against Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo and resolved to just producing mediocre software titles. Competition is a healthy thing and seeing Sega on the verge of coming back into the fight is very interesting as the twilight of the Wii U is upon us and the NX is starting to rise.

For more information, check out TGG.

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Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett is the lead content contributor and co-owner of The Hyrule Herald.

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