Site Change Up

Hey Hyrule Herald fans! 

As you can see there’s been a serious lack of updates on our site. Life can get crazy at times, so let’s not beat around the bush.

We’re currently searching for a new site manager. The job pays. Feel free to contact us so we can make some much needed changes to our site.

We will be attending E3 2017 this year! Exciting news! We’ll have coverage and all sorts of fun stuff. Ready Gamer One will most likely be covering the event, but as we’re affiliated, the news will be covered via both forums.

We’ve also been away because Breath of the Wild is taking up a lot of our free time. We’re in love with the game, the music, the world, and everything about it – except for the main story/plot. Kind of a downer on that front. We’ll have a review up soon.

In the meantime, accept this note as another round of “pardon our mess” while we restructure some things around here.

Until next time!

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett is the lead content contributor and co-owner of The Hyrule Herald.

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