Ben Cornett is the co-owner and co-founder of The Hyrule Herald and creator and host of Ready Gamer One. He has worked extensively for the past 8 years in the Zelda and Nintendo news community. In his spare time, he operates his own personal blog, Unofficially Published. He also enjoys reading, writing, and watching movies. 

His favorite game from The Legend of Zelda series is a toss up between A Link to the Past and Twilight Princess. His favorite Nintendo game is Super Mario World.



Branden Loera is the co-host of Ready Gamer One. Branden is an accomplished actor and has toured the United States fueling his passion. Branden’s favorite Zelda game is The Minish Cap and he is definitely not looking forward to the release of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Branden’s all-time favorite game is Final Fantasy 7





Lucas Corbitt is the co-creator of Ready Gamer One. He is a junior in college studying physical therapy business. He’s been writing for several years, and has been playing Nintendo games for much longer!

His favorite Legend of Zelda game is Twilight Princess, and his favorite non-Zelda game is Fire Emblem. You can find him listening to music (insert plug for Kamelot here) in his spare time, or simply rolling through Hyrule Field.


Angelika Papasodora is a Social Media Content Manager for the Hyrule Herald. Though her first love was with the Sony PlayStation, Angelika became a Nintendo fan when she came across a GameCube at a yard sale.

An aspiring artist, Pokémon trainer, and a champ in MarioKart, Angelika enjoys spending time with her family including her fat cats, drawing, dancing terribly while listening to music, and watching anime. Her favorite Legend of Zelda series game is between Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild. Her favorite Nintendo game is Mario Kart 8.


Mitchell Regan is a Social Media Content Manager for The Hyrule Herald, he has loved video games his whole life, especially when it comes to Nintendo. As well as games he loves Electronics, and is training to become a technician. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family, woodworking, and hiking.

His favorite game from The Legend of Zelda series is Majora’s Mask and Links Adventure. His favorite Nintendo game Kid Icarus Uprising.