Star Fox Zero’s Invincibility Mode Explained

Nintendo fans weren’t too thrilled to hear that the upcoming Wii U title Star Fox Zero would be delayed from the holiday season 2015 to April of this year, but a lot of gamers were very upset when Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto announced the game’s Invincibility Mode. I don’t see this as a bad thing at all, however.

If there are younger kids or people who aren’t used to action games playing, I don’t think they would want to be thrust into a game where they have no idea how to play or what to accomplish. Miyamoto said, when talking to Time Magazine, “We feel we’ve designed the game in a way that it will be welcoming to those new users and help introduce them to this style of action genre.” I think this is a perfect approach to this game. There can be modes for anyone who wants to play: an invincible Arwing for newcomers or casual players, and a ship that can deal more damage, but takes more in return.

Not only will there be an invincibility mode for new or casual gamers, but a cooperative mode as well. When referencing the challenge of fully completing Star Fox Zero, Miyamoto said, “But it’s because of that, that we have things like Star Fox Guard and the cooperative mode in this game. What those do, is allow people who maybe can’t deal with that level of challenge or difficulty to easily be a part of the gameplay and enjoy this universe.” Miyamoto understands that everyone who plays Nintendo games wasn’t around for every original game the company has put out. He knows that gamers are going to be trying out these franchises for the first time, and need to be eased into their gameplay.

However, in his Time interview, Miyamoto said, “One thing that I think is a misunderstanding, is that I’m not very supportive of simply making a game easy so that people who don’t play games can play the game themselves. Obviously part of the fun of taking on a challenge is that the challenge has to be a hurdle that you overcome. Simply lowering the hurdle doesn’t necessarily mean that the challenge will be fun. What’s fun is you mastering the skill and having that sense of accomplishment—of achieving something that’s difficult.”

Miyamoto doesn’t want the game to be stupidly easy, nor should it be. He wants to allow anyone who plays the game to do so at their own pace, and at their own comfort level. I think this is a great move by Miyamoto and the whole team working on Star Fox Zero, and I can’t wait for it to come out.

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Lucas Corbitt

Lucas Corbitt

Lucas Corbitt is a content contributor and editor for The Hyrule Herald.

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