Streamer, Firedragon764, beats Luigi’s Mansion…Blindfolded!

Earlier this week, Twitch streamer Firedragon764 successfully conquered Luigi’s Mansion while blindfolded. The run was held over several days and took roughly 16 hours to complete. Most notable were the fights with the major bosses of the game as they took 2-3 hours each (minus Chauncey, the adorable baby in the beginning).

Firedragon764, or better known as FiFi, has each boss fight uploaded on his YouTube channel, as well as the entire broadcast of the 16 hour adventure in 4 parts.

FiFi is known for speedrunning Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, and Mario Kart 64 just to name a few. He began this fun little challenge as a thank you to his fans for reaching his subscriber goal of 1500. Suffice to say his fans will be looking forward to the next game he attempts blindfolded as this one turned out to be one heck of an impressive and entertaining feat!

Here are the final moments of this glorious journey:

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Ryan Douglas

Ryan Douglas

Ryan is a content writer and editor for The Hyrule Herald.

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