Pokemon Sun and Moon at E3: New Pokemon And Gameplay Revealed!

It’s a big year for the Pokemon franchise, and today we’ve learned more about its expansion in more details revealed in the newest installment Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Reviewing how the new in game Pokedex works in demonstrations, new Pokemon were revealed. Not only do we get a more in depth look at the starters Rowlet the grass owl, Litten the fire kitten, and Popplio the….Popplio, they are now accompanied by some new faces that are the game’s first wild catches which, to tradition, are always a bird, rodent, and insect. Meet Pikipeck the baby woodpecker, Yungoos a honey badger/mongoose hybrid, and Grubbin the, well, grub Pokemon. You can see them in action in the trailer at the bottom of the article. Images from Japanese magazines also leaked artwork for a koala and shibe dog themed Pokemon for Sun and Moon, but no names or confirmation from Nintendo given so far. Same goes for some rumored new Mega evolution, including one for Mew.


The game’s demo at E3 introduced a new aspect of the game called Battle Royal, which pits four trainers against each other at the same time. The first player to lose all of their Pokémon loses and at the end of the match, points are tallied to figure out which trainer has emerged the victor. This also revealed that the action and command button’s placement, colors, and functions were changed and formatted differently than in X/Y and Omega/Alpha.

So why Sun and Moon? According to producer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori, the reason they’re called Moon and Sun is because they represent the source of life and they want emphasis on a relationship between life and nature in Pokémon’s universe. The new legendary Pokemon will have special abilities based on the astral objects they represent; Solgaleo the sun, and Lunala the moon respectively. But it also revealed the minor legendary fairy/steel type Magearna as a now playable character.

Masuda and Ohmaori also mentioned that game play and testing are not finalized, and Nintendo could change things before the games release on November 18.

The biggest change in the game is not the style of game play, story, or the new island style Aloha region. No, this will be the first time in Pokemon’s history that the game will be released in Chinese. And that will open up a huge market for Nintendo and hopefully help turn it around financially.

Take a look in the trailer below!

Dany Best

Dany Best

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