Super Nintendo World Opening in Tokyo 2020

Nintendo will soon be invading Universal Studios Japan with an all new and much anticipated Super Nintendo World themed area. Japan will be the first of the three parks to get the new Nintendo themed areas which was announced on November 29th of this year. Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood are expecting to feature Super Nintendo World as well, but for now, we have to wait as there is no estimated opening date. This all new Nintendo themed attraction in Japan is eyeing an opening by 2020, just in time for the Tokyo Olympics.


Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo and Mark Woodbury, president of Universal Creative, will work together to bring Nintendo’s most famous and beloved characters to life from the Super Mario series. Together they will also work to re-create the worlds from which these characters are from. Just looking at the conceptual rendering of Super Nintendo World just makes me smile. Look at Princess Peach’s Castle, Toad’s house, Bowser’s Castle and the warp pipes. I can just imagine sliding down a big green warp pipe or scaling the pole to raise the flag just like at the end of a Mario game.

What if there was a Splatoon themed waterpark set in Inkopolis with blue and orange colored water? What if you walk through a little forest and see a bridge that leads to Hyrule? There are so many possibilities as Nintendo has a lot of characters and games to pull ideas from. These attractions are sure to attract people from all over the world as Nintendo’s characters are some of the best known throughout video game history.

Super Nintendo World will be home to some of Nintendo’s most beloved game characters from the Super Mario Series. Knowing that makes me all giddy inside just like I was back in 1986 when I got my first NES with Super Mario Bros! Think of all the interactive areas and rides that will be there. There are also stores and restaurants planned for this area as well. If they had this type of amusement park back when I was a kid, I would’ve never left that place.  I personally am really excited for this and hope they will soon announce the expected openings for the Hollywood and Orlando locations.

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