Switch 4 Sunshine Fundraiser

The OFFICIAL post for the Nintendo Switch giveaway from the Hyrule Herald

UPDATE: 8/14/17 – The minimum donation must be $5. To compensate for this, every $1 that’s donated now counts as 5 raffle tickets. So your minimum donation of $5 = 25 raffle tickets. Sorry for the confusion.

Hey there, fan! Thank for you stopping by The Hyrule Herald and taking a look at our fundraiser/giveaway for Camp Sunshine.

We’re proud to be supporting this amazing organization and hope to not only meet our $1,000 goal, but to beat it!

In order to meet or beat that goal, we need your help. There’s an image below this line that will take you directly to our GoFundMe page.

Don’t panic when you see it was set up by some guy named Ben Cornett. That guy is me, and I’ve been in the Nintendo online journalism community for a few years. I’ve run a few successful fundraiser/giveaways before

If you could click on that image above and donate any dollar amount that you’re able to do, our friends at Camp Sunshine along with all of us here at The Hyrule Herald and Ready Gamer One will be very grateful for your contribution.

We’re even rewarding you via an online raffle! We’re giving away some awesome prizes as long as we meet achievement level goals. Take a look:

Dollar Goal Prize Given Away
$50 Hyrule Herald Admin for A Day
$100 Ready Gamer One Guest Host
$150 World of Nintendo Figure
$200 Random Amiibo
$250 2 Random Amiibo
$300 Smash Link, Ganondorf, & Princess Zelda amiibo 
$350 2 Amiibo + 2 World of Nintendo Figures
$400 $20 Nintendo eShop Card
$500 Splatoon 2
$600 $50 GameStop Gift Card
$700 Metroid Prime Federation Force & Tri Force Heroes (3DS)
$800 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD + Wolf Link Amiibo (Wii U)
$900 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)
$1000 Nintendo Switch with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Special Edition

The bare minimum donation is $1, and there is no maximum set. For every $1 donated, the contributor will get twice the raffle tickets! So if $1 is donated, 2 raffle tickets are guaranteed. If donating $10, 20 tickets is the result. The more tickets you have the better your chances to win! Please see above statement regarding $5 minimum donation. 

AND GET THIS! Let’s say you win a prize before the grand prize? You’re NOT out! Only that ticket drawn previously is! Personally, I hope I don’t send all the prizes to the same person, but hey, if it’s on your heart to donate $1000 to win all this loot, you’re going to stand a pretty good chance to win it all.

The full contest rules can be found here

For those that cannot donate money or want more chances to win, we’re going to have some prizes given away just for liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter , YouTube, SoundCloud and Instagram, and sharing/re-tweeting our links to this fundraiser.

Free entries are not eligible in the grand prize giveaway. Each new like and share/re-tweet counts as 1 entry only, but you do stand a chance to get at least 5 entries on the house.

And if this helps get donations, once we raise over $400, my staff here at The Hyrule Herald will start doing challenges for your entertainment. From creating raps about winners to singing TV theme songs and having some pies thrown in our faces, we’re here to do what we can to get your donation!

The fundraiser/giveaway ends on Friday, August 18. Can we beat that $1000 goal before then? 

With everything going on in the world today, let’s spread a message of love and inspire hope to these amazing children and their families. Help us meet and beat this $1000 goal.

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett is the lead content contributor and co-owner of The Hyrule Herald.

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