Switch4Sunshine Follow Up

Our Switch4Sunshine campaign is over and we beat our goal! In the final moments of the fundraiser being open, it was almost like four giants stepped in to push our numbers over $1000 to a final of $1050.

On behalf of The Hyrule Herald and Ready Gamer One, we are very thankful for everyone that contributed to our fundraiser – either by donating money, sharing the campaign, or both – every little bit helped bring attention to our fundraiser and to Camp Sunshine.

Once the money is deposited to our account from GoFundMe, we’ll be picking up the rest of the tab of what GoFundMe kept (approximately $100) to make up the difference. We don’t believe in short changing anyone. Once we have that settled, we’ll make the donation and share proof of our donation and a receipt from Camp Sunshine.

While doing this fundraiser, we were truly touched by testimonies from donors that have previously attended sessions or worked with Camp Sunshine. We’re also pleased that we raised awareness for Camp Sunshine and their all-year camp sessions and services.

While all the prizes have been claimed, we wanted to share with everyone the raffle prize drawing process:

  • Depending on the amount donated, x5 tickets were assigned to that person’s name.
    • Only site owner Ben Cornett could see anonymous donors and the list remained private.
  • The ticket numbers were copied into http://random-ize.com/pick-from-list/
  • A 6-sided die from a very old Jumanji board game was used before every winner was selected.
    • The number of the die represented how many times the “Pick One!” button was used on the randomizer site. We equate this to a hand in a fishbowl swishing tickets around.
    • Yes, I own a copy of Jumanji.

We share this because a few private messages came our way to let us know that we “rigged” our contest. Not true. The process was completely random.

All prizes will be shipped/mailed in a few days. Winners, if you’re reading this, we will follow up with an email that has a tracking number.

Stay tuned for November/December on our site as we’ll have another giveaway to clear out more from our offices!

Thank you everyone for making our Switch4Sunshine campaign a success.

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett is the lead content contributor and co-owner of The Hyrule Herald.

One thought on “Switch4Sunshine Follow Up

  • August 27, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    You guys are amazing ^_^ I hope to donate nerdy crafts to future stuff you do for prizes. Nothing better than gamers coming together to do good things for kiddos!!!


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