The Playlist: Nintendo Halloween

Dani here with a new Hyrule Herald segment we like to call The Playlist; a gaming playlist to get into the mood and feel of a season, event, or preparing for a new release. 

It’s October, a month of delicious harvest foods, gorgeous warm colors, and chilly winds. Which all leads to my favorite holiday of all time: Halloween. Which comes to the theme of our first Playlist: Nintendo Halloween!

Legend of Zelda

Majora’s Mask

“You’ve met a terrible fate, haven’t you?” There are so many mind boggling moments and visuals in this game that most of the game has a surreal, somewhat freaky aura about it. Even the light hearted moments can be dark and tragic. Also, the fate of the world hangs over your head (seriously, it’s a murderous moon!) the entire three days. No pressure, no pressure… But want to get to the freakiest and possibly the most frustrating part of the game, get your tiny green tunic butt to Stone Tower Temple, a place haunted by the dead and kings of the past. If you are a Zelda fan but have never played this one before, now would be the perfect time to pick it up. It’s available on the 3DS.  It’s considered the creepiest of the Zelda games, though the darkest of them goes to…

Twilight Princess

Mummies and moblins and the dead, oh my! Twilight Princess has the darker vibe for the season. Whether fighting the shadow beasts of the Twili, panicking against wall masters, or battling through the sands of an ancient prison to play skeleton pinball with a giant undead dragon, the entire game has the dreariness perfect for the season. But if you don’t have time to ramble through the whole game, try and get to the Arbiter’s Grounds in the Gerudo Valley. Out of everything this spectacular title has to offer, this fortress has the most bang for your buck when it comes to haunted by bad decisions.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: The Well and The Graveyard

Speaking of jumping ahead, the same thing goes for our classic Ocarina of Time. For the paranoia wall masters bring, great chilling music, and the craziest WTF mini boss called Dead Hand (seriously, WHO CAME UP WITH THIS THING!?), the dungeons of the Sheika are great to run through where you chop til’ you drop. Also, the guillotine decor brightens up the room, doesn’t it?  But don’t skip that cruise on the skeleton ferry. It’s to die for.  

Super Mario:











Luigi’s Mansion 1 and 2

While we wait for Luigi’s Mansion 3 somewhere in 2019, We at least still have Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (aka Luigi’s Mansion 2) and the just released remastered version of Luigi’s Mansion for the 3DS to tide us over. If you want a light hearted spoop fest that features our favorite Player 2 and the notorious King Boo, this is the game to binge for the Halloween season. The ghost hunt is on as you lead our scaredy cat hero through the haunted house in search of a Missing Mario … and the biggest Boo… 

Super Mario 64: Big Boo’s Haunt

With some of the most iconic music of the Mario Franchise, Super Mario 64 for 64 and DS does not disappoint with Big Boo and his haunted house. Let the creeptastic theme carry you into a nightmare with furniture that moves on its own, giant eye balls, a deadly carousel,  even a killer piano can be found in this level of star searching madess. Fight the big invisible bully and his friends on your way to the top. But just remember…

Super Mario Odyssey: Sand Kingdom

Nothing scary about this colorful world in Odyssey. But the Day of the Dead cultural vibe is too fun NOT to mention here! The characters, the artworks, the music, the ponchos! Sure, it might be cold at first due to Bowser slicking up the place with ice like the jerk he is, but it’s your job to heat things up!



You have to work a bit to these points for these tricky treats, but it’s worth it for the nostalgia and ambiance. Lavender Town and their Burial Tower is where it’s at for the original mystery of Marowak’s Ghost with ghost types everywhere and the best creepy theme the original games have. Want something newer and more advanced? There is always island in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Or, for our newest editions, try out the Ghost trial at the haunted supermarket in Sun and Moon with a special surprise at the end.

There isn’t much that’s scary about the Pokemon games with one exception: the Ghost dex. Sure, Ghost Pokemon seem cool to have in your fighting party, but almost all the Ghost type Pokemon have stark secrets if you take a read at their “ghost stories”.  Some of these have been made into spooky web comics like the one here that I will make example of. Litwick looks like an adorable little candle, right?

 Pokedex entry: “Litwick shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokémon, which becomes the fuel that it burns.”

Super uplifting. It gets worse as it evolves, especially into its final form.

Pokedex Entries:
Being consumed in Chandelure’s flame burns up the spirit, leaving the body behind. The spirits burned up in its ominous flame lose their way and wander this world forever.

And as of Generation VII, there are 46 of them. Happy Reading!

From Lil’ Char and the Gang by Nekoama


Last but certainly not least, Castlevania. In fact, ANY Castlevania game. The lore, the monsters, the whips. It’s all fun and games until some ghoul loses their face to holy water and Simon’s wrath. Then it’s a party! But let’s say you change your mind about soaking in the holiday spirit through gaming and actually want to watch something, especially something new. Well, if you have Netflix, you’re in luck: Season Two of the animated ultra gore fest Castlevania come out October 26th. If you enjoy the lore of the Castlevania games and can handle intense action, this show is for you. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself rooting for Dracula too.  Watch the trailer here at your own risk.    

Other Seasonal Games

Though not all Nintendo, here are a few titles you should definitely look into for spooks and (jump) scares:

Playstation: Medievil, Until Dawn, Silent Hill series, The Evil Within, The Last of Us

PC and more: Costume Quest , Doom, Diablo Series, Five Nights At Freddie’s series, Slender Man series , Dead Space series, Condemned series, Dying Light, Amnesia Series  

Nintendo: Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (Game Cube), ZombiU,                                                   

Happy Hauntings, everyone!

Dany Best

Dany Best

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