Top 5 Means of Transportation in The Legend of Zelda

Throughout all of the Zelda games, there have been many modes by which to traverse the lands. Travelling the magnificent kingdom of Hyrule is typically a big part of each installment of the franchise. Many of us have our favorite things from the ongoing franchise that has no end in sight. The following is my top five means of transportation in the Legend of Zelda series.


(5) Spirit Train

Spirit Train

The first on my list is my least favorite of the top five means of transportation, which is the Spirit Train from Spirit Tracks! Similar to Phantom Hourglass and Wind Waker, you’re unable to travel the magnificent land of Hyrule by foot, instead, you must drive a Train from station to station. The biggest reason for this ranking is that it’s not traditional, in that this is the only game in which you travel by train. It allows us to transport ourselves using something other than horses or our own (well, Link’s) two feet. My biggest complaint when it comes to Link traveling is that he’s so incredibly slow on foot, which is of course why we Zelda fans love the other methods of transportation.


(4) King of Red Lions


Coming in at number four on this list is the King of Red Lions from Wind Waker. In the same way that I like the Loftwing from Skyward Sword, I’m really fascinated that we get to travel in a small boat in this game. So far we’ve run the ground on our feet, rode horses, piloted a loftwing in the sky, sailed the sea, etc.The King of Red Lions is not a traditional method of transportation as you only sail the sea twice (Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass), but it’s also quite original as far as the Zelda series is concerned; it is a means that hasn’t been beaten to death. I enjoy sailing the Great Sea because I feel like a pirate who gets to decide where to go next. Of course there’s a certain order to the game, but there are hidden places with treasures and the like across the whole sea. So it’s like going on a treasure hunt in that respect.


(3) Loftwing


Until Skyward Sword we were tasked with traveling by land or sea. However, with this newest addition to the Zelda franchise, we travel the sky. It is a very cool thing to pilot anything, whether it’s an actual bird or a figurative one (e.g. an airplane). Early on in Skyward Sword you get to have a race with the other students in the Skyloft academy. Even though you have to find and save your Loftwing prior to participating in the race, you can explore and ride the Loftwing after the race and ceremony are over. Not only do you get to explore with your Loftwing, you must use the companion to fly to various parts of the cloud to reach the surface of the Earth.


(2) Dimitri, Ricky, and Moosh


Soaring into second place on the list is from the Oracle series: the three cute little animals that help Link get through some of the terrain – Dimitri, a friendly dodongo with swimming abilities; Ricky, a kangaroo that has the ability to jump onto cliffs and over single holes throughout the terrain; and Moosh, a bear that can fly short distances across pitfalls. The reason these critters make the list is that it’s neat to have three different companions that help you through the terrain instead of just one the entire time.


(1) Epona


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is my favorite of the series for many reasons: one of the reasons that I love it is its transportation options. One way to go about exploring the wonderful kingdom of Hyrule is to walk or side-jump or backflip–basically by foot–across the land. The other, much quicker choice, is to ride Epona. Epona is a horse that you acquire as adult Link, but you must travel to Lon Lon Ranch and learn Epona’s song from Malon before becoming an adult. Epona is a majestic horse with a long, white mane and brown fur. She’s fast and fierce! One of my favorite parts of OoT is when you have to race Ingo twice to win ownership. But after obtaining the most noble of steeds in the entire world, Link is once again off on his adventure to save the land of Hyrule.

(Note: Epona also appears in Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess as the trusty steed. She also makes a cameo in other Zelda titles such as the Oracle Series, Hyrule Warriors, and others).


For every single Zelda fan out there, there’s a different opinion on every single facet of the series, but these are only my top five transportation methods. What do you think of the methods I chose? Be sure and comment below to let us know how similar or different your list would be and why!


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