8-Bit Zelda Goes 3D for 30th Anniversary Tribute

UPDATE: Nintendo has asked Mr. Magee and Mr. Lininger to cease production due to copyright infringement. 

Whether you’re a fan who has played The Legend of Zelda from the very beginning or a newcomer, a couple of Zelda fans have created something to get excited about.

Mike Magee and Scott Lininger celebrated the 30th anniversary, which happened on February 21st by developing a three-dungeon demo of the original Legend of Zelda with 3D 8-bit graphics.  The unlikely combination makes for a Minecraft-like experience which will send Zelda veterans reeling with nostalgia and newcomers intrigued.


The game is available to play online on zelda30tribute.com.  Since the game is still a demo, there are many aspects which are not completed.  Regardless, the game is well designed and shows potential.  The controls for the game are classic WASD configuration or the secondary arrow key configuration, so PC gamers should have no problem figuring out the controls.

In addition, you can follow their progress on Facebook and Twitter.



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