Zelda Art Contest! Subject: New Item Design

Hey everyone! We all know that Link has quite the arsenal of weapons and items at his disposal, and makes great use of them frequently. What we would love to know is: what items would you like to see Link wield? Now I don’t mean items or weapons from past games, I mean entirely new items! Be inspired by items that go outside of the box like the Twilight Princess Spinner, the Mirror Shield, and the Pegasus Boots in your designs; look to the games for ideas. But these should be new items that could be used in the game! It’s all up to you and your imagination!



To enter: draw, sketch, doodle, create an entirely new weapon or item for Link to use, then message us your picture to enter our contest. Tell us a little bit about it like how it would be used. There’s only one entry per person, so make it count! We’ll be posting each entry with its creator separately, and the 5 entries with the most likes will be featured on the Hyrule Herald website, while the #1 entry will get a Pokémon Yellow code for the 3DS!

Send your design to us at danyhawke@gmail.com or send us a private message on our Facebook page.

The deadline for submissions is March 15th, so get started on your drawings right away!

Dany Best

Dany Best

Dany Best is a content contributor to The Hyrule Herald and one of the founding managers.

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