The Legend of Zelda Film Adaptations Coming to Amazon Prime

Remember that rumor about a year ago where a live action adaptation of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda was coming to the Amazon Prime streaming service? Remember how we were all very excited and nervous about that?

Well, it looks like that is now partially true.

In a deal that was made early this morning, Universal owned animation studio DreamWorks has optioned a 5 picture deal with Nintendo regarding The Legend of Zelda, a two picture deal for Super Mario Bros., and a two picture deal for Nintendo’s oft forgotten Metroid.

Based on this artwork, we might be seeing a Mario RPG film!

The film series for Zelda looks to tell the tale of the Hero of Time and progress the character through Ocarina of TimeMajora’s MaskTwilight PrincessA Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds, and conclude in the fifth installment which claims to borrow plot elements from the un-subtitled Zelda Wii U. 

“We’re very excited to explore this new opportunity with our partners at Universal Studios and their animation company, DreamWorks,” says Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime.

Concept art for Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda Concept
Link on the King of Red Lions talking to a gull

This announcement shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as Nintendo has recently announced the creation of a Nintendo theme park at Universal Studios, FL.

As for Super Mario Bros. and Metroid, Jeff Small, President and COO for DreamWorks says, “We want to right a few wrongs for Mario in the cinematic world. 1993’s debacle of a film left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths. We feel an animated adventure that gives us the great voice work of Charles Martinet is just going to be a great experience for adults that grew up playing these games to pass the torch to this younger Nintendo generation.”

The only way this movie was enjoyable was to actually have consumed mushrooms before hand…

And for Metroid? “I think we really dropped the ball with Metroid as a video game series. I think fans love Samus Aran and thankfully the Metroid universe is very rich with storytelling. So to have a female hero fighting off Space Pirates? I think it’s safe to say Metroid will transition smoothly into a feature film.”

Whether or not Nintendo is jumping on board like other companies like Marvel, DC, and Universal’s own Monsters and creating a shared cinematic universe is yet to be determined, but the fact that we’re getting some awesome animated films is very exciting!

If you’ve made it this far into the article and are still believing everything you’ve read, take a look at your calendar. It’s April 1. APRIL FOOLS!



Concept art images are all done by the amazingly talented Cassio Yoshiyaki.

Ben Cornett

Ben Cornett

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